To Support Canada’s World Heritage Initiatives

  • To protect the environment of the Salish Sea Ecosystem for the
    benefit of the public by conserving or restoring ecosystems and
    biodiversity on a long-term basis.
  • To advance education by providing awards to university
    students of Arts, Science and Culture, to encourage academic
    excellence .
  • To advance education by conducting research into all aspects of
    the science and culture of the Salish Sea and making the results
    publicly available.
  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by producing
    public art exhibitions, presentations, and performance art(s)
    events, and by providing a forum for qualified artists to exhibit,
    present, or perform their artistic works through participation in
    such events.
"Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon"
“Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon”

Canadian Dr. Anita Herle, Senior Curator and Anthropology Reader in Museum Anthropology at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK presents “The Salish Sea” to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of Churchill College, Cambridge.

Dr. Herle comments : “It is inspiring to see Chris Paul’s Salish Sea alongside Churchill College’s rich collection of artworks and to see Professor Wickramasinghe’s work honored in this way!”

In 2016 we are reaching out around the Salish Sea to the people of
the Coast Salish, and to the people of the cities of the Salish Sea

  1. In collaboration with the Salish Sea Studies Institute at the
    University of Western Washington, a project is underway known as “The Salish Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site Initiative”.
  2. In our larger (CRD) community of Victoria, the Foundation plans
    to help the proposed UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) application perhaps through the CRD.  MAB is an Intergovernmental Scientific Program that aims to
    establish a scientific basis for the improvement of relationships
    between people and their environments.
  3. In our VERY local community of Oak Bay, we are supporting
    any “Salish Seafront of Oak Bay Initiatives”. Especially
    supporting the Oak Bay Marina Boathouse “Herring Smokehouse” vision.

Short Term Plan : Jan – March 2016

We have created an Art Contest/Art Auction campaign which has three short term purposes  :

  • now  Chris Paul’s wonderful iron sculpture ‘The Salish Sea’ has been purchased, funds are needed to improve the podium base; perhaps building a small performance area envisaged by Arts Laureate Barbara Adams;
  • to contribute to the costs of next summers ‘2016 Walk of the Arts’;
  • to increase the community awareness of “The Salish Sea” both of the iconic sculpture and of the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary/Bioregion.


Credit to Charles Schulz and Linda Darby

and First Nations Artist Coast Salish Chris Paul 

We hope  you or your family will  enter the “Impressions of the Salish Sea” art contest and the art auction. If you already have an art piece you wish to email to us, please send the image to : and make sure to include your name; title; painting type; reserve price; size; and your full name and email address.

The contest is open to anyone and everyone wherever you may live, whether close to the Salish Sea or far, far away  .

Please click here on this link below to learn more about the contest.

If you are MEDIA, please click here for the MEDIA KIT.