2017-10-1 : Gracepoint Magic Moment for Aryeh Jackson. A new advocate for our Great Salish Sea.

Dr Andrew Ross (Oak Bay Wild Life photographer) and I were walking by “Gracepoint” (the car lay-by next to Turkey Head) when we spotted a magical “Kodak” moment. There was a young teenager sat on the rocks at exactly at the point where very occasionally our Blue Heron plays with one of our harbour seals.

The touching behaviour occurs when the seal pushes small fish underwater towards the heron, allowing him to fish from the rocks without getting wet.
Usually a few seagulls sit or swim close by waiting to pick up any droppings.

On this day, the Oak Bay boy, Aryeh Jackson, was sat in the exact spot Blue Heron likes to sit. The seal appeared and began his same game, swishing the smelt towards the boy on the rock. Of course Aryeh had no idea he was being asked to play, and take a fish.

Talking to the Grandparents, a few minutes later we explained to them, and to Areyeh, what was happening and how rare it was to see this little game. The one video Dr Ross captured is on Youtube from 2006 over 11 years ago: See below.

This was undoubtedly a magical moment for everyone involved but especially for young Aryeh Jackson. I suspect and hope he will become an advocate for our Great Salish Sea.

W.E. Smith