2017-6-11 : Building a Sustainable Future

Dr Brian O’Leary passed away July 28th, 2011. A former NASA astronaut and PhD recipient from the University of California at Berkeley (1967), Dr. O’Leary was known for his research and advocacy into alternative energy (free energy).

Originally trained as a conventional scientist, Brian O’Leary’s investigation of the universe opened his eyes to many advanced theories that aren’t yet recognized by conventional scientists (who remain far behind the curve on “over-unity energy research” – aka Cold Fusion or Zero Point Energy).

Most of this technology is classified as “Secret” and has been since Tesla’s great discoveries and his death.

O’Leary eventually bucked the system, left the stifling world of academia and set out on his own to explore alternative science and free energy research.


We believe that Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion will play a game changing role in the needless battles underway in places like British Columbia.



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