2018-10-05 : HCTF Education – Water Sampling


I will give this some attention tomorrow when I am back home (Bowen) but some more background reading for your Project 2:

https://hctfeducation.ca/lessons-more/ HCTF Education was formally branded as Wild BC https://hctfeducation.ca

You will likely find teaching resources here that would compliment what you have in mind or just maybe there is something there already??????????

The great thing about HCTF Education is its marketing capability. If you come up with new teaching resources that they can use they will handle the out reach to educators through out BC and they have a long respected track record 20 + yrs with teachers at all levels. I had a resource created back during my days with government…….

I think it was this one (it was a long time ago)  https://hctfeducation.ca/product/water-stewardship-a-guide-for-teachers-students-and-community-groups/


TTFN for now.