Salish SUN and the Summer Solstice – by Chris Paul

This project has been under consideration since 2013.

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Here is a short photo collection explaining  the project in images :


A Future Annual Event at sunrise on National Aboriginal Day – June 21 each year starting 2017

Imagine an event where people might gather as they have since the beginning of time, to watch the sunrise on June 21 each year. There might be a special area where the first nations and their guests would gather.

Two sculptures are carefully and delicately placed on this special headland known as Cattle Point. At the water’s edge, perhaps even in the water, is a Salish Welcome Pole, facing out to welcome approaching people coming in by boat. Ideally this will be carved in Lkwungen style by a local carver.

A distance in, in a place approved by the flora experts away from any vernal pool or rare plants,  is a second sculpture by First Nation’s artist Chris Paul. This piece is a traditional “whorl” and is called “The Eye of the Storm”.


Maquette of the Eye of the Storm

At a simple level it represents the SUN. At a more sophisticated level it represents the problems of the whole Salish Sea especially the plight of the herring which once numbered in billions.

At the exact moment of sunrise,  only one person – the “eldest elder” – would be allowed to look through the whorl central hole which should be easily seen through at eye level (there could be natural rock steps) and would naturally align with the tip of the welcome pole in the water.

When the sun rose and he/she saw the sun alignment, he would raise his arms to welcome the sun and signify the start of National Aboriginal Day and  the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

In order for the object to have year round application, the rising sun’s light, passing through the whorl, would cast light onto a flat stone plinth (marked stone)  where its position would indicate  the actual “date”  no matter the time of year.

This SUN sculpture is part of the Vancouver Island Walk of the Planets and is the only object placed at Cattle Point.  Great care will be made to conform to the planned walk way and Jacques Sirois’ proposed restrictions to help the rare flora of this treasured location.

Jan 2016 : Chris Paul’s vision for the sculpture has evolved

SALISH SUN location map.