Spotlight Awards – #1 – Sir Fred Hoyle Centenary Award

On Canada Day, July 1 2015, the Cattle Point Arts, Science and Culture Foundation, of Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada presented a work of art by North American First Nations Artist Chris Paul called “Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon” to :

First Nations Coast Salish Artist
First Nations Coast Salish Artist

Salish Sea Giclee

It is designed to motivate students at Churchill College, Cambridge University; University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (The MIT of Sri Lanka);  and Oak Bay to learn more about :

The giclee  itself depicts existing life on earth welcoming new life coming in bound to earth on a comet. The salmon, the orca and the thunderbird reach up to the sky and to the comet.

Click here to Understand more

or point on the image below using your iPhone camera and QR app.Churchill College - Chris Paul Artist QR Code


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