The Current Projects – 2016

The Cattle Point Arts, Science and Culture Foundation (CPF) is a Vancouver Island Foundation established in 2015 with the long term vision of being a source of funding for local Arts, Science and Culture projects.

In 2016 we are involved with, directly and indirectly, the following   projects

  1. Art Contest. Impressions of the Salish Sea. This culminates in an evening of celebration on April 2nd, 2016 at the newly re-branded SHAW Centre for the Salish Sea.
  2. The Salish Sea Biosphere Initiative – A U.N. Biosphere Reserve : This is in a very early incubation phase. 
  3.  The Salish Seafront Initiative : Development of a plan for the Oak Bay waterfront.
  4. Cattle Point DARK SKY Star Park.  Funded and Operational. This project includes our monthly “What’s Up in (month)” article in the Oak Bay News.
  5. 2015-2019 Oak Bay Arts Laureate.  This will typically be a $2,500 per year investment in this important community program. This year, 2016, the plan is to help Barbara Adams build a podium and small performance area around the Salish Sea sculpture at the Oak Bay Marina.
  6. The Salish Sun : The first “object” (The SUN) in the Vancouver Island Walk of the Planets. To be placed in a suitable location at Cattle Point.
  7. The Hoyle Shield Project : a science project for students to explore the stratosphere.



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