2017-12-01 : Victoria’s Beautiful Drinking Water

Talked to scientist Kristi Wilson at the CRD Water Quality Office.

Explored ideas on our Cattle Point Foundation Vision 2017 – especially our “BRING BACK THE HERRING PROJECT“.

Helping to achieve the Bioregional Marine Sanctuary Vision :

“To Restore Natural Animal Populations throughout the Salish Sea Bioregion to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible”

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2017-12-01 : Keeping Track of Greater Victoria’s Tap Water Quality

May 3, 2010 : Victoria, BC – Many people in Greater Victoria do not know what is in their tap water or even where it comes from. Nils Jensen, Chair of the Regional Water Supply Commission, commented, “The water quality information recently posted on the CRD website along with the Watershed Tours during the first week of May will help to fill this knowledge gap. The quality of water in the Greater Victoria Drinking Water System is very good, as shown by the results of our constant testing.”

Greater Victoria’s drinking water comes from Sooke Reservoir. The forested watershed provides a level of source water protection, which is virtually unique across North America. The water is disinfected using a three step process: ultraviolet light inactivates parasites, free chlorine kills viruses and bacteria and chloramine provides a long lasting chlorine residual in the distribution system. No fluoride or other chemicals are added during the treatment process.

Greater Victoria’s drinking water meets all Federal and Provincial health regulations. The water is very soft, has a neutral pH, moderate colour, low turbidity (cloudiness) and low solids. Greater Victoria’s drinking water contains low chlorine residual, a tiny amount of natural fluoride, low levels of minerals, low levels of disinfection by-products, virtually no heavy metals and no detectable levels of pesticides or other synthetic organic chemicals. In other words, Greater Victoria’s drinking water is safe to drink straight from the tap.

Information on the quality of Greater Victoria’s drinking water can be found on the CRD website at Reports and Documents.

Dr. Richard Stanwick, Chief Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Island Health Authority said, “People who live in Greater Victoria can be justly proud of the quality of water in the Greater Victoria Drinking Water System.”


2017-6-11 : Building a Sustainable Future

Dr Brian O’Leary passed away July 28th, 2011. A former NASA astronaut and PhD recipient from the University of California at Berkeley (1967), Dr. O’Leary was known for his research and advocacy into alternative energy (free energy).

Originally trained as a conventional scientist, Brian O’Leary’s investigation of the universe opened his eyes to many advanced theories that aren’t yet recognized by conventional scientists (who remain far behind the curve on “over-unity energy research” – aka Cold Fusion or Zero Point Energy).

Most of this technology is classified as “Secret” and has been since Tesla’s great discoveries and his death.

O’Leary eventually bucked the system, left the stifling world of academia and set out on his own to explore alternative science and free energy research.


We believe that Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion will play a game changing role in the needless battles underway in places like British Columbia.